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 History Forum Instructions - READ BEFORE POSTING

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PostSubject: History Forum Instructions - READ BEFORE POSTING   Sat Jun 13, 2009 1:40 am

This forum will allow players to familiarize themselves with the history of the world. Players can create topics about certain things, and ask questions in those topics, which I will then answer. I have found it very hard to try to compile the history of VCorver into any sort of book-length guide, and I think this interactive method may prove to be better.

Because this forum is a resource and not a place to chat, there will be very specific rules governing posts in this particular forum. Posts that do not follow the rules laid out here will be deleted to keep things neat and tidy. So, if you find a post you made has been unexpectedly deleted, refer back to these rules to figure out why.

Before posting, a person should check to make sure the topic they want to ask a question about does not have a thread yet. If it does not have a thread yet, then you can start a new one.

For instance, lets say I have the question "Where do the pirates all over the coasts come from?"

1) I would look for a thread on "pirates"

2) Seeing no thread on pirates, I could start a new one.

3) The thread for this topic should be VERY general... most likely it would be, quite simply, "Pirates"

4) In the first post of the thread, I would state my question: "Where do all the pirates all over the coasts come from?"

5) From that point on, any other person who had a question about pirates would post in that thread, following the rules below.

1) Posts should be put in their appropriate categories

2) The only posts by players that should be in this forum are questions about the topic that the particular thread is about. Comments, suggestions, etc, will be deleted. Stuff that will be deleted includes questions that include comments or suggestions, ie "Where do the pirates all over the coasts come from? It would be cool if they were from some island far away that has a pirate city." Keep things as simple as possible and just post a simple question in a single sentence.

3) If the last post in any particular thread is a question by a player, all other players must wait to post until after the prior question has been answered before posting in that thread.

4) Questions should be about things in the game world... this is not the place for questions about how to play the game or about the admins personal lives or how to use paypal, etc.

Posts that do not follow these rules will be deleted. Its not because I hate you... its because this forum is for a particular purpose and needs to be readily accessible, like an encyclopedia, rather than crazy like our other forums. =)

One last note... I may add to these rules if something happens I didn't think of. Please check here if a post of yours gets deleted.
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History Forum Instructions - READ BEFORE POSTING
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